2021-22 Season

8 April 2021

ISSUE Project Room,

New York

Remind Me Tomorrow

9 May 2021, 4 PM 

St. Mark's Episcopal Church Berkeley, CA 

Organ Recital Series

11 July 2021, 4 PM

Grace Cathedral,

San Francisco

Organ Recital Series

13 March 2022, 4 PM

Mission Dolores Basilica,

San Francisco

Sunday Recital Series

10 June 2022

"This was another highlight, as Garbutt played through the difficult and diverse piece with clarity and poise."

R. Derek Wetzel

The Harvard Crimson

"Her playing transcended the academic aspect of the compositions and touched the soul of each of the composers. How marvelous it is when scholarship and art join together and are manifested in an outpouring of pure artistic expression."

Michael Varlas

Concert Presenter

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Past Events

3 October 2020

Saint Thomas Church Fifth Avenue, New York City
Grand Organ Series

1 March 2020

Washington National Cathedral, Organ Recital Series

Washington, DC

1 February 2020

Christ Lutheran Church - 50th Anniversary Organ Series, Washington, DC

23 November 2019

Abbaye Sainte-Foy de Conques, France

24 November 2019

Collégiale Notre Dame de Villefranche-de-Rouergue, France

17 November 2019

Église St-Antoine-des-Quinze-Vingts

Paris, France

16 November 2019

Église Saint Jeanne d'Arc Tours, France

16 March 2019

Église du Saint-Esprit

Paris, France

2 March 2019

St. John the Divine

New York

23 February 2019

Église du Saint-Esprit

Paris, France

20 February 2019

The American Cathedral

Paris, France

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